About ICS

The Israel Chiropractic Society (ICS) is a professional organization which represents and unites most of the Chiropractors currently living and practicing in Israel.  The organization serves to increase the awareness of the safety and efficacy of Chiropractic, a rational and essential approach toward health.  The ICS has been vigorously working toward the establishment of official Chiropractic legislation in Israel, in order to protect the public from frauds, protect the profession and the Israeli Doctors of Chiropractic themselves.
A CHIROPRACTIC LAW was established and voted for favorably in the Knesset in March 2010. The new law is founded on an academic base that defines who can practice chiropractic in Israel. A 7 years education and numerous National Board exams grant the chiropractor a Doctor degree in some countries (not including Israel yet) and a Masters degree in a few. The law states that a chiropractor must complete his education in an accredited college or university recognized by the country where the degree is given. IN ISRAEL ONLY A DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC CAN PROVIDE DHIROPRACTIC SERVICES.  The ICS establishes and maintains high professional standards, organizes conferences and continuing education seminars, and safeguards quality care, that each Chiropractor supplies the highest level of practice and service for their clients.

You are welcome to use our website to learn about the unique approach and power of Chiropractic toward both physical health, and an overall healthy life style.  Chiropractic differs from conventional medicine in its philosophy and effect on the human body, making it the second most utilized health service in the United States.  Millions of people, of all ages around the globe, utilize Chiropractic to optimize their health, and in fact many families in the United States see their Chiropractor as their Primary Family Doctor.  Athletes, from the elite professional level to the private exerciser, optimize their performance and avoid injury through the balance that Chiropractic treatments provide.

Discover how Chiropractic can change the quality of your life, and those you love.  The ICS website will provide you with the contact information and profile of a skilled Chiropractor in your area.