what is an ICS endorsement?

The ICS takes its ability to endorse products and services very seriously. We endorse those we believe have a benefit for our patients, consumers and/or doctors of chiropractic. Before an organization is considered, it must first provide the following information to the Israeli Chiropractic Society (ICS):

A company profile

 Product and/or service descriptions

 Research data

Product information or certifications (if applicable)

 Testimonials and/or recommendations

 Evaluation overview (by an industry expert)

 Product samples (if applicable)

 Relevant pricing information

 Third-party documentation regarding the product’s efficacy and safety.


 A committee of doctors of chiropractic (DC) thoroughly reviews all the materials based on criteria developed to measure each organization fairly and thoroughly. As part of the evaluation process, the ICS committee members examine the product or services and may conduct research and/or testing. After a comprehensive evaluation a determination will be made.

If an endorsement is awarded, the organization may use the ICS seal in its promotional efforts. This seal communicates to consumers and/or doctors of chiropractic it is a product or service of high-quality that has met ICS’s standards for endorsement.