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Welcome to the ICS web site, nonprofit organization number 580039527.

The service and information presented and offered in this site are subject to the following conditions.  Entrance to this site and using it indicate your acceptance and agreement to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, please avoid using the web site.

The term "user" means any person who enters the site and/or makes use of it in any way.


 a variety of information is presented in the site. The information is presented as a service to the user and may be updated from time to time. The ICS is not responsible to the essence of the content, its quality and/or any mistake that may result from wrong use with it. Any user need to examine all information carefully, before relying on it.


All creative rights and ownership in the web site, including materials, content, design, software, application, computer codes, graphics, pictures, photos, video, audio-visual, recordings, music, text, scenario, textual material, ideas, names, logo, signs, trade-mark, specifications and any other information of any kind, found in the site and/or related to it (hereinafter: "content") belong to the ICS and/or it holds the rights to make use of all content in the site and no other use will be done with it, directly or indirectly without the ICS permission. The names, logo and all trade mark in the site and/or those included in the site are registered trade mark, and are protected by international law and treaty, and are forbidden for any use, directly or indirectly. Without lessening the written so far, no copy, reconstruction, duplication, distribution, presentation, claim, broadcast, publicize, advertise, update, sell, insert changes and/or do any other use in parts of the content, software, products and/or services etc. originated from the site, all or some, unless permission was granted in advance and in writing by the ICS. It is forbidden to utilize the site and/or its content for any illegal purposes.


The ICS allows safe and approved payments by credit card in the site and operates security system to protect all information supplied by the user in any payment process.  With the execution of payment the payer will be debited the all amount.  Preliminary condition for payment confirmation -- confirmation by the credit card company to bill used card. At the end of the process you will receive a detailed confirmation of the transaction. In the event that no confirmation was received, the user must call the ICS representative to confirm payment. The ICS is not responsible for any damages or loss occurred to the payer by the use of the site, including a purchase made by a credit card without approval of the credit card owner and/or an error made by the user keying in information and/or any activity done in the site by a third party that will cause damages to the site. The use in the payment services in the site is limited to adults over the age of 18 years old and above.  


Registration for seminars and conventions could be cancelled as long as confirmation was not finalized. Canceling reservation after was finalized will be done in writing, in accordance with the provision of consumer protection law and the provisions installed by its authority as follows: (A) payment for membership in the ICS and donations given to the ICS will not be able to be cancelled. (B) Payments for conventions that do not include hosting could be cancelled within 14 days, provided that cancelation will be done over 2 days before the convention. (C) Payments for conventions that include lodging and hosting could be cancelled within 14 days, provided that cancelation will be done more than 14 business days before the convention. In any case of cancelation a fee of 100NS will be charged or 5% of the transaction, considering the lowest. The determined appointed time to the matter of cancelation notice will be the time in which the notice reached the ICS office, unless the office was closed at the time and then the next appointed time will be the next business day. Cancelation of any transaction will be executed in accordance with the consumer protection law, 1981.


The web site and its content offered and presented "AS IS"  according to its availability ("AS AVAILABLE") without any obligation and/or presentation, explicit or hinted, from the ICS to suit the needs of any user.  The use of the site by the user is in accordance with his knowledge and responsibility alone, and the user will hold the sole responsibility for any consequence resulting from that. The ICS is not obligated for the site to stand up to any user expectations, that its services will be given in a proper order, not interrupted or stopped, operate securely and without mistakes or error, will be resistant to any unauthorized access to computers, or against damages, malfunction, problems or fault in hardware, software, lines and communication systems, internet service supplier etc.  The ICS will not take any responsibility for any user in case of disruption or problems as said or any other incident and use of the web site. Without lessening the written so far, the ICS is not and will not take any responsibility for any user to any direct or indirect damage, coincidental, unique, consequential and/or any other damage result in any way from the use of the site, including, without dismissing the generality of what previously said, for mistakes or errors in the presented material in the site, loss of use of data and/or loss of profit directly or indirectly, result or tied in any way to the use, copy and/or presentation of the site, for delay in use and/or inability to use the site etc. and everything, directly or indirectly, whether in contractual cause and/or damages and/or any other cause.


For the user's convenience, the site may include links to other web sites and services in the internet that are not operated by the ICS (hereinafter: "foreign sites"). Diverting to foreign sites will be done with the sole and complete responsibility of the user. The ICS is not and will not be responsible for the use and/or action and/or communication to foreign sites and/or content appears in them.


Information provided by you in the site is intended for using the site, and is kept in accordance to privacy protective law formed in Israel in 1981. The ICS is obligated to do its best, with the resources it has to safeguard the information and hinder any possible damage with the privacy of the information provided by you, never the less, the ICS is unable to prevent disruption totally and therefore it will not hold any responsibility in the event of damages, faults and/or disruption caused as said.  


Terms and conditions of use, the utilization and all activity in the web site are rules by the laws of the state of Israel and subject to Israeli law alone. The authorized court law in Jerusalem posses the local unique exclusive jurisdiction authority, in any matter and dispute concerning terms and condition of use, utilization or any cause originated in operation carried out through the site.


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