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Aims of the Israeli Chiropractic Society:

  • Bind and consolidate the chiropractors in the State of Israel to create high standards and high levels of treatment.
  • The creation of educational programs and courses for education and professional updates from the Israeli chiropractors.
  • To protect the freedom of choice of the public on its way to optimum health and choosing the means to reach the goal. Chiropractic improves body health.
  • Increasing the health care system for chiropractic abilities to improve the quality of life of the public suffering from musculoskeletal problems in Israel.
  • Studying the public and the health system on the superiority of chiropractic care in rehabilitation of car accident victims.
  • To protect the public from those who are not qualified to engage in the chiropractic profession.
  • To teach and create public awareness about chiropractic and benefits in treating adults, children, infants, athletes and more.
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