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Chiropractic care Levels

| Chiropractic is perceived as philosophy, science and art. Chiropractic art consists of a variety of techniques and treatment techniques developed in over one hundred and fifteen years in which chiropractic professionals exist. Today there are more than 200 techniques and among the prevalence there are about 40 techniques. Chiropractic care levels are not presented as a unified and rigid line of treatment, but as a general explanation of how the best results can be reached with the chiropractic treatment.

Intensive Spinal cord Treatment

Physical condition
Chronic sevacation mode (there is a lot of time, years) or an acute (new, recent) condition caused damage to the vertebrae of the spinal column, joints, nerves, discs, muscles, Manning (the spinal cord casing), ligaments and tendons.
Your spinal column is weak and unstable. The directions of the vertebrae do not hold perfect and little time yet.
You may carry advanced degeneration and abrasion processes in the vertebrae and tissues that support the surrounding.
In advanced ages – loss of height, stiffness, stress and physical pain regularly (commonly at this stage), numbness and accelerated aging.
Posture is not centered, bend, scoliosis, unbalanced spine.
Your energy is low, flat, and deep breaths, which can adapt to tensions that are smaller daily.
You experience a number of symptoms – a sign of the struggle in your body in an attempt to heal.

Level 1

At first there is a great chance that you will need many treatments each time you come to check your spine.
The bits and tissues that are fused around the vertebrae and the nerves, with the damage generated as a result of persistent tension on the straps, tendons and muscles due to the fragmentation and chronic degeneration of the spine, hold the directions (adjustments) over time.
This is a stage of mitigation of symptoms (relief). Unfortunately, there are patients who are hereby tempted and willing to spend as little time as possible in their health. Usually they return after some time to the same pains because there is no significant change in the condition of the spinal column.

Repair, restoration and recovered spine

Physical condition

The spinal column responds and adapts to the chiropractic care. You start experiencing more comfort and less damage as a result of the incubation.
Loss of the height of the watt or stopped. The flexibility improves, as is the general physical and emotional feeling.
Your spinal column still doesn’t hold the directions for long. A correction of the sub-Hanaa is still regularly required for the vertebrae, joints, nerves, manning, discs, muscles, ligaments and tendons for recovery and stability.
The Nidoni process and the erosion of the tissues are stopped.
Your energies begin to come back and your breath becomes easier and deeper.
Your sensitivity to your body’s health and your physical needs are increasing.

Level of Treatment 2

You start to hold the directions for a longer time, but still tends to be a bit of a soap. The pattern of the spinal column can vary and other areas of the spinal column will require direction. Continuing the rehabilitation treatment helps the vertebrae, nerves, discs, ligaments, muscle tendons and other tissues become stronger and better.
This is a phase of correction (CORRECTION) in which the patient wants to stabilize and train the straps and muscles holding the spinal column. The rehabilitation process is in progress, but stability is still not perfect.

Increased health
Physical condition

The spinal column begins to release itself from the damage of the chronic sealolation.
The surgical directions have a longer and impressive increase in the recovery of spinal vertebrae, joints, nerves, discs, tendons, muscles, and straps.
In some cases there is a relapse in degeneration and reversal of the situation.
Energy and vitality are improving, your breath becomes deeper and you are experiencing more relaxation. Also, the quality of sleep improves.
While physical and mental health improves, you may experience a reconstruction phenomenon (retracing), in which a short time you will feel an expression of tensions and symptoms still in your body. This phenomenon is recognized and documented, and if it appears, it should be considered in the correct proportions – this is not the evil or withdrawal in the situation.
You adapt better to external tensions that are working on you.

Level of Treatment 3

Your spinal column is practiced with time to maintain its alignment, and its strength and elasticity improve. By routine testing for your family, you will be able to prevent all the problems you suffer from the unhealthy spine. This is a phase of maintenance (MAINTENANCE) in which the patient wants to preserve the achievements and progress made with his health.

Optimal Health
Physical condition

Free from Sveluxia The spinal column and the nervous system are balanced and stable.
You can adapt better to physical, chemical, and emotional pressure.
Your breath is better. Calming the body and sleep is satisfying.
You are aware of the movement, nutrition, and health of your body. Your relationship to the environment is more positive.
You have more energy and your body is going with stronger resistance to the sufferers.
The spinal column is more flexible and seamlessly driven. The vertebrae are easily moving and the muscular system is balanced. The disks and tracks are stronger (if possible and given the initial state)

Level of Treatment 4

You criticize the chiropractor for periodic spine tests (determined by the basis of health history).
Even if a subset of my return appears again, it is much easier to fix it.
This stage is a prophylactic (prevention) and the patient wants to keep his health, and wants his body to function in an optimal manner that he can do whatever he owes or likes to do.

What level of health do you want to reach?

The chiropractor is a PhD and is an expert in everything concerning anatomy, physiology and dynamics of the spinal column in particular and the body at all. Consult with only a certified chiropractor registered in the Israeli Chiropractic Society

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