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Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Anatomy and the functioning of the spinal column

The spinal column is built as a flexible and strong rod that contains a series of vertebrae connected together and protecting the spinal cord and the nervous system. The vertebrae are connected to the head and serve as a connection to the ribs and back muscles. The spine is capable of rotating and moving forward, backward and sideways.  The spinal column shows from the side four normative arches that increase its strength, keeping it in balance when standing upright, absorbing shock, and protecting it from fractions.
The spinal cord, which is drawn downward in the center of the spine, conveys a feeling from peripheral nerves to the brain and leads messages from the brain to the body through all peripheral nerves. When an electrical impulse is created in the brain, it passes through neural pathways in the spinal cord and reaches the desired organ. Incorrect alignment of the spine vertebrae can create pressure on the nerves, tension in the tissues that connect around and delay or distort the nerve transmission that causes discomfort and/or pain.
During forty weeks of the development of the weight fetus the mother will be ideally 10-20 pounds.
This weight tumor can create an incorrect alignment of the spinal column and/or distortions in the posture affecting the nerves, muscles and mobility joints. Because most of this weight is deposited in the abdomen area, the mother’s center of gravity moves forward. In order to compensate, the natural arches of the spinal column, especially in the lumbar region, become excessively arched and cause pain in the lower back.
The thighs can also expand to the sides to stabilize the body, which is where the pressure on the hips (sacro-iliac JOINT). The hormones that operate during pregnancy cause softening muscles, ligaments, and cartilage,  and even to soften the bones that are becoming more flexible. Pelvic bones can smooth and change more easily and/or to shorten with limited mobility. In addition, there are strips that link the uterus to the pelvic bones. If there is a distortion in the pelvic structure or limited movement, there will be a greater effort and torsion on those straps which will cause discomfort to the hara mother.

Chiropractic Mother Hara Treatments – benefits:

Chiropractic treatment is vital to the Hara mother. Its systems and organs provide life for two and their optimal functioning is crucial to the development of the baby’s creation. The backbone of the mother and pelvis undergo a lot of changes and are concealed in order to compensate for the growth of the infant and there is a risk of interfering with the functioning of its nervous system.

Cerebrospinal conjugation affects the nervous system first and foremost.

Specific chiropractic directions during pregnancy improve the functioning of the nervous system and give higher health potential to the mother and the evolving fetus.
We can look at the effects of sub-naq’a that have been a number of points: bio-mechanical, hormonal, and neurological. It is easy to see changes in posture and you can discern the difference in the center of the body. The weight of the baby pulls forward and then loading on the pelvis and spine, and towards the end of the pregnancy there is also a change in the manner of walking. What most of us cannot discern is the changes in hormonal and chemical reactions that occur at the same time within the mother’s body and the evolving fetus. All these are controlled, coordinated and controlled by the nervous system.
Another reason for treatment during pregnancy is to stabilize the mother’s pelvis. Because of tensions and traumas that have been caused to the pelvic area and spine during the years of the mother’s life, the pelvic opening is subjected to a compromise and its structure can change. This can affect the transition opening in which the baby is supposed to go into the air of the world.
The number of text to the obstetrites of Williams says: “Any contraction in the pelvic diameter which reduces pelvic ability to function can cause difficulty at birth (dystocia)”. Also, when the advice bone changes the position of the pelvic diameter is small. Dr. Avraham Tubin, a health researcher in the field of birth, says that pelvic bones can be distorted as a result of trauma.

Chiropractic defines movement or distortion.
A non-plane is part of a lattice which has often been caused by trauma and tension.

Chiropractic Mother Hara Treatments – benefits:

In addition, the fragmentation, locking of vertebrae, instability and balance to the spinal column and the mother’s pelvic pelvis during pregnancy, are expected to cause a muscular imbalance in the pelvis and straps that connect the joints.
The woman’s pelvis supports the increased uterus using specific strips. When the pelvic bones are balanced, the uterus is able to grow symmetrically with the developing baby inside it. If the pelvic bones are in a state of non-justification or subnecsion, it directly affects the way the uterus is supported. An equal support of the straps that hold the uterus will cause the uterine torsion to reduce the maximum living space of the developing baby.
The term describing this phenomenon is called uterineintrauterine CONSTRAINT.
In some cases, this pressure restricts the infant’s location during pregnancy and adversely affects the spinal column and the skull that evolve.
In addition, the baby’s movement restrictions during pregnancy can prevent it from entering the best possible location for childbirth.
Any location for birth except from the ideal location of the head, baby’s front skull instructs the impacts inhibiting the movement of the pressure inside the uterus.
The wrong location of the baby leads to longer and more painful ropes with a greater chance of medical guarantees at birth.
Cesarean (C-SECTION) is often used and the mother and baby are missing the benefits and benefits of a natural vaginal birth.

Webster Technique – A unique technique for transforming baby before birth

Chiropractic care brings benefit from all examinations and improves the body’s abilities to be healthy. All this is achieved by working with the nervous system which is the energy-management system that leads to power and wisdom between the brain and the body. The Chiropractic Doctor repairs the spinal cord in the spine that trigger pressure on the spine from the inside and the nerves that come out of it. These pressures and disorders, if not removed, cause an inability to function in the various parts of the body and an imbalance in the system of ligaments and muscles that support the spinal column. The use of the bone of the tip causes the tension and twisting of muscles and ligaments in the pelvic region that cause theintrauterine CONSTRAINT. These effects can prevent the baby from turning over before birth.

The Webster technique uses specific chiropractic analysis that helps:

Balancing the pelvic structure reduces interference to the neural system, balances the muscle tension and ligaments of the pelvis which in return decreases the uterine pressure
Allows the baby to be settled in the ideal position before birth.
Dr. Larry Webster has discovered this technique as a safe and delicate means to rehabilitate the pelvic balance of the pregnant mother. In many cases where babies were with a breech downward (breech POSITION) report great success in making the baby a normal position with the head down. This technique is recommended for use along the pregnancy to maintain the pelvic balance and the bone of the tip and the prevention of tension in the womb and other back pains that often accompany the pregnant mother.
The chiropractic direction affects all body functions.
It is important to remember that the entire hormonal system is controlled by the nervous system. In addition, Plassanta also passes food for growth and the development of the fetus.
Pregnant mothers should be examined regularly during pregnancy to allow optimum health for mother and baby, and quick and safe birth.

Chiropractic care can help pregnant women suffering from:

  • Headaches
  • Back and neck pain
  • Foot Pain and Ijas
  • Nausea
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Constipation
  • Swelling
  • Circumcised hands or feet
  • Carpel tenl syndrome (CTS)
  • A baby who has not been flipped and found in a breech posia (breech POSITION)

The chiropractor is a PhD and is an expert in everything concerning anatomy, physiology and dynamics of the spinal column in particular and the body at all.
It is recommended to consult with only a certified chiropractor registered in the Israeli Chiropractic society.

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