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History of Chiropractic in Israel

Chiropractic doctors have been present in Israel since the 1950s. But the first to come here to stay and to establish a chiropractic clinic was Dr. Robert Small. Others were returning to their countries of origin, and did not leave their professional mark. Towards the end of the 1970s, Dr. David Greenblat came to the land, followed by Dr. Steve Ropuerg Dr. Moshe Gottlieb. Since the beginning of the 1980s, additional chiropractors have begun to reach the country individually and sometimes in larger groups. In 1988, there were only 13 chiropractors in Israel. Most of the first surgical chiropractors were Americans, but over time more Israelis began to return from their studies abroad, thanks to the growing awareness of the profession in Israel.
In the first period there were no elections, and the union was functioning according to the duties imposed on it. It should be noted that Dr. Greenblat volunteered to serve as an actual president, but any decision, issue or difficulty would have consulted the other members of the Union. In the same year, the union representatives met with Prof. Verdi, who was responsible for the professional licensing of the Ministry of Health, in order to propel the wheels of the bureaucracy towards legislation for the profession. There was an agreement in principle for the necessity of the law, but in the meantime Prof. Vardi decided to issue recognition certificates in the profession. The Board of directors began to initiate meetings with the Ministry of Health, when you immediately told friends that there was a real need for the law, and the firm would work seriously to promote the matter. Again and again “the chiropractor” got stuck with clerks who lacked any interest, and were transferring the association’s requests to the bottom of the pile.

Over time, the union tried to create work relationships and support with economic and business bodies, and it is also present to this day, the close relationship with the Aminoach company.

In 1992 When the union was serving 20 members, due to unpleasant circumstances, the legal statements of attorney Assaf Pozner, who was today as the legal advisor for the Union, were hired. From that time, the binding began to push the legislative process, which included countless meetings with the directors of the Ministry of Health and union representatives. Attorney Pozner attended all these meetings, advising our representatives from the legal standpoint.
in 1995 , the first general elections were held to the Union institutions. The President, the Treasurer, the vice president and the other members of the Committee were elected.
Members of the Union board, in the With assistance of attorney Pozner, re-wrote the Constitution and the professional ethics of the Union in accordance with the needs and situation in Israel. Activities with the Ministry of Health were frequently attracted in full vigor, and were brought up with exhausting negotiations for agreements in most of the principles, except for two of the most important to the Union. The first was the doctor’s degree that the Health ministry had trouble and still had difficulty digesting it and recognize it. The second and most important of all is the principle of Belle passing.
The ability to accept and treat the patient needing our services directly without a doctor’s brokerage of any kind.
The education and skill in the field of chiropractic is unique and not included in the curriculum in medical schools. While a broad part of the chiropractor’s education includes thousands of hours of study in the medical professions, there is not one hour of chiropractic studies.
The doctor does not have the knowledge, study hours, experience or training to decide who deserves to treat chiropractic and who is not. This principle still has an argument between us and the country and so far there is no consensus on the matter.
The Israeli Chiropractic Society has focused for many years to promote legislation and protection of the citizen in order to ensure freedom of choice in receiving the most effective and professional treatment.
In March 2010, the Knesset passed a law in which the foundation was defined and the level of education and training required to engage in chiropractic in Israel. The chiropractor with seven years of training is a PhD and is the only one who is empowered to engage in Israel in this profession. It is important to note that chiropractic is not a treatment type, or a procedure. Chiropractic is a profession that requires training and skill and cannot have any healthcare professionals to engage in, unless trained as a doctor of chiropractic.
In order to protect the public we seek to receive treatment only with a certified chiropractor, who holds a doctor’s certificate of Chiropractic or chiropractic master, whether he is a member of the Israeli Chiropractic Society.
In the 1990s, the relationship with the World Chiropractic Federation, WFC , has been established to date. The Federation members assist the Union’s management of the law and the procedures of obtaining law in Israel compared to other countries.
Over the years, the Union has been forced to comply with harsh trials such as attempts to open up forged schools by questionable businessmen, issuing “diplomas” for chiropractic, and of course many posers, most of them from Eastern European countries.
It should be noted that the chiropractic society has waged uncompromising struggles and has won all of them. These struggles have not ceased, and today the public must be aware of the events in this area and beware of the law and the imposter who do not carry a doctor’s degree of chiropractic.
Today, the Union is appointed about 70 members (most of them in Israel), and there is more in Israel as a number of chiropractors that are not members of the Union. The awareness of this unique profession increases and is high in the patient’s public, and the sick funds are employers in their respective clinics.

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