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What is a subluxation?

In the simplest terms, the subneccation of a spinal cord or subcutaneous weakness is a condition in which one or more vertebrae in the spinal column lose their positions or are locked and create pressure and nerve in the spinal column.
Spinal nerves exist in a large number in the vertebrae of the spinal column, cartilelses, joints, ligaments and tendons, blood vessels and more. Millions of nerves also depart from each of your spinal vertebrae and reach all the body’s organs and systems to the smallest cell. pressure, irritation or nerve stimulation causes interference in the electrical signals that pass through these nerves. In some situations, pressure can be caused to the spinal cord itself that passes through the trench which creates all the links connected together.

סבלוקסציה - הגורמים אגודת הכירופרקטיקה

How does it affect you?

Your nervous system controls, regulates, and controls all of your body activities. If there is a disturbance to these signals that pass through the nerves, parts of your body will not receive the correct messages and will not be able to function in 100 of their natural capabilities. In other words, some parts, organs, or areas in your body will not work properly because of poor neural communication.
The doctor’s responsibility for chiropractic is to locate every existing lattice and eliminate or reduce its influence. This is done through a series of chiropracators that are designed to repair their grandmothers and to remove nerve stress and tension on your spine. The chiropractor is the only expert who goes through years of studying and specializing in correcting these problems on the spinal column.

Now, the detailed explanation:

It is a complex of functional and/or structural and/or pathological changes in the spinal column that impair the integrity and integrity of the neural system and may affect the functioning of the body’s overall organ and health system.
Cerebrospinal conjugation is a combination of a number of changes made at the same time. These changes occur both in the spine and in all your body areas. For this reason, chiropractors often take a stop at the name of a complex sub-party (Vertebral subluxation COMPLEX ) or VSC shortcut .
In a state of subnecsion I have deteriorated, different things happen inside your body in a simultaneous manner. These components are an integral part of a stray gift. Chiropractors usually identify five main categories in these elements that exist in the sub-category.

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