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Road accidents and Whiplash shot

Whiplash shot is a description of how an injury focuses on the neck area in road accidents. Whiplash shot was damaged by the cervical spine as a result of a jolt on the face and back or sides.

Whiplash shot mechanism

Whiplash shot occurs when the head and neck are in a sudden and unpredictable way in one direction and are immediately thrown back in the opposite direction.
When a car is hit in the back, the body is thrown forward while the head remains behind and the neck stretches too much between the body and the head. Whiplash shot can happen from a sudden stop of the vehicle when the body stays relatively in place but the head and neck are thrown and folding too much forward.
In most cases, this type of vulnerability has a certain degree of vertebrae compression and cervical discs in the first stage. In the second stage the neck experiences an overstretching and a strong fold of the neck. The reason for this is that at first stage, the cervical arch is compacted and compressed back. Muscles react to the first jolt by pulling back in the opposite direction. This reaction to the opposite direction causes injury often. Sometimes the whip whiplash the head with a sudden movement from the side and causes more tension and injury on the sides of the neck.
Whiplash shot injuries are even more complex when the head is rotated slightly right or left at the time of the accident, and it further complicates the effects of injury on the body.

Parents are important to know that such injuries do not occur only in road accidents. Whiplash shot can happen as a result of the sudden powers that are being operated on the child’s body during sports activity, falling from a bicycle, falling from a chair or bed, etc. Every fall that has a direct trauma to the head causes a cervical spine to be damaged.

Levels of injury

Any injuries whiplash the whip differ slightly from each other because there are different conditions between accidents each other. For example: Which direction the driver looked at during the blow, his or her age, did the driver prepare for Mecca, reaction time, bone health and vertebrae before hitting, muscle health, straps and discs between the vertebrae, the direction of the vehicle’s impact, the speed of the offensive vehicle, and more. Unfortunately the seat belt has a shroud effect for protection from whiplash shot.
However, the headrest offers some protection in the direction in which the head is stretched back at impact.

Spinal cord Damage

Because of these facts, the symptoms resulting from whiplash whip can differ from one person to another. They can travel from almost impossible pain and stiffness to severe pain and even death.
In a few cases, the impact of the injury is broken and the spinal cord is damaged. Severe spinal cord damage can cause disability and death. However, although in most cases where the spinal cord is damaged, there are severe symptoms such as: inability to move hands or legs, uncut on the back or limbs, and bladder control, these symptoms are usually temporary and the body returns to normal function quite quickly.

In most cases

In most cases in which a person is hit by a whiplash shot, the damage is caused by the neck to ligaments, tendons, muscles, and the alignment of the vertebrae.
When a minor is slightly out of alignment, they can exert pressure on the nerves that move between them. These pressures can also affect the spinal cord in varying degrees and cause a cerebrospinal tap. It is a condition in which a vertebra leaves its normal position and loses its alignment with the vertebra up and down. As a result, pressure is created on the nervous system and it affects the entire body. After many years of learning the subject, there are many powers that indicate that the vertebrae of the cervical backbone are the main problem of most of this type of vulnerability. Chiropractic is the only health profession that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of sealoxation (Subhydrati).

Symptoms of Whiplash shot

Symptoms of whiplash shot can begin with pain or stiffness in the neck, perhaps accompanied by headaches immediately after the accident or several hours later. Together with these symptoms, there is a possibility of feelings of pain, falling asleep, uncut, and feelings of stabbing between the shoulder blades, arms, and hands. In some cases some people will feel a ringing in the ears, dizziness, and even hearing loss. Sometimes there is also an effect on the eyes, and there is a pain behind the eyeballs, blurred vision, light sensitivity, or other symptoms related to vision.


A concussion happens when the brain crashes internally in the walls of the skull. Strong head shaking can cause a concussion even if the head does not collide against the vehicle from the inside. The following symptoms can be felt: headaches, restlessness, irritability, insomonia (inability to sleep), mood swings and pains that can last a few days after the accident.

Medical treatment?

A person who was involved in a car accident must first and foremost have no emergency in his life, for example: There are no broken bones, no torn blood vessels, no bruising to internal organs, bruises and serious wounds, shock, etc. This is the specialty of the medical profession in the treatment of trauma victims and road accidents.
After the victim has removed fear of immediate danger, there is an urgent need to examine the backbone of a spinal column in order to locate a spinal tap and nerve pressure that pose a danger to the health of the body, the spinal column, and the nervous system. The specialty of chiropractors is to locate, diagnose, and fix spinal cord problems that may cause pain, illness, and risk of patient health. It is important to note that chiropractors do not oppose reasonable and properly-treated medical treatment.
In most cases of road accidents and whiplash shot of medical care, a short hand. Often people who are affected by whiplash whip do not do more than live on pills and painkillers, muscle relaxers, various types of therapies and sometimes surgeries. These people should know that in most cases, chiropractic will solve the problem completely, quickly and safely without drugs, drugs or surgeries.
It is the duty of every person who has had a car accident in our country to demand to be examined by chiropractors. There are chiropractors who think that the lack of knowledge and the desire of an orthopedist to understand the benefits of surgical treatment and to direct victims of accidents to a chiropractor is a lack of responsibility and medical malpractice.

Chiropractic treatment for whiplash shot victims

Any type of accident or trauma, in most cases, causes the spinal cord to be in the spine. Cerebrospinal conjugation is a condition in which the vertebrae leave their alignment. The normal movement of the vertebrae is affected with an effect on the joints, the disk, the straps that link them, the muscles that are connected to them, and most importantly, the millions of nerves that pass through and to them. The movement of the vertebrae from their alignment causes pressure, irritability, and interference in the neural transmission that passes orders from the brain to the body and back, and this condition endangers the entire body’s health. Sometimes this situation is painless, but in a whiplash shot to the neck, because of the anatomical structure, leaving the alignment, and pressing the nerves causes pain and movement restrictions. Painkillers, muscle relaxers, tranquilizers and physiotherapy have been found to be useless and cannot return the vertebrae to their position in order to relieve pressure in the skeletal system and the neural system. Chiropractic is the necessary specialty in order to return the vertebrae that are damaged to their position, aim and realign the spine easily and safely.

Treatment of an old whiplash shot

Some people have suffered from accidents and injuries whiplash shot in the past and now feel quite well. They may sometimes suffer from headaches, fatigue, stiffness, and mild pains, but are they aware of what is happening inside their bodies? Should they be examined by a chiropractor? The answer is YES!
The family doctor or orthopedist sent the person to his home after they ordered a wide number of X-rays and found nothing broken. Nevertheless, there is still a condition that the spinal column in terms of a build is shaky and unstable and balanced. In most cases this is the basis for the development of disk problems, degenerative phenomena, joint erosion, cartilage and bone (Artritis) Many years after the accident and drug treatment. These problems can be avoided with the testing and treatment of chiropractors that target and return the vertebrae to the spinal column. Without completeness and proper functioning of the spine vertebrae, the spinal column is not correctly healed. For a long time, the symptoms will not sensed, but later will develop more severe problems.

Slocalolation-sub-spinal fluid

The least you could do is be diagnosed in the world of medicine today. This phenomenon involves the injury to the vertebrae, joints, nerves, and muscles affects the entire body’s health and is manifested in the gradual fracture of the body’s functioning, pains, and sickness. Whiplash shot is a dramatic example that causes my sailing. This is the kind that results from an accident or trauma caused by sudden injury. A subnecsion of my being can be caused by emotional tensions and other tensions that are built gradually, day after day – these are called micro-trauma. Examples of micro-trauma stress include: poor posture, bad sleeping postures, weak muscles, bad nutrition, poor sitting posture, etc. Even a wide dental treatment can cause the imbalance and alignment of the skull and cervical vertebrae.

A chiropractor is a PhD, and is an expert in everything concerning anatomy, physiology and dynamics of the spinal column in particular and the body at all. It is recommended to consult with only a certified chiropractor registered in the Israeli Chiropractic society.

The Chiropractic society is aware of the number of victims of road accidents in the State of Israel and is pleading for every person who has had a car accident to be examined by a chiropractor in the area of his residence.

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