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PhD in Chiropractic

The degree as a chiropractor or Doctor of chiropractic will be used exclusively by a chiropractor who graduated from chiropractic studies in a familiar and Certified Chiropractic Education Institute by a government commissioner for education in this field or another authorized government commission in the country in which he studied.

The term chiropractic and all is derived from it if a professional use is used to describe a profession, service, or treatment that claims to be part of the chiropractic profession, it will be used by a doctor of Chiropractic only, which has graduated from a Medical Education institute, accredited and certified by a government Commissioner for education in this field or commission Another authorized government in the country in which he studied.

The training program for Dr. Chiropractic’s degree takes about seven academic years. In the United States, four certification exams are given by a government commission and the completion of the surgical chiropractor receives a license to engage in the profession.

The Chiropractic doctor specializes in thousands of hours of study in professions such as anatomy, embryology (the development of the fetus), physiology, pathology, chemistry, microbiology, diagnosis (including nose, ear, throat and dermatology), neurology, orthopedics, X-ray, psychology, pregnancy, birth and child development. Unique chiropractic studies which include techniques, analysis, thermography, diagnosis, tactile skill, spinal orientation, direction of limb joints, sports and more.
Important: Chiropractic is not a type of treatment or anything that you do. It is a profession requiring 7 years of study and provides its graduates with a doctorate. Beware of therapists, physiotherapists, masseuses, or doctors who claim to be “doing” Chiropractic. Without education and proper training, these practitioners and physicians endanger you.

The chiropractor is a PhD and is an expert in everything concerning anatomy, physiology and dynamics of the spinal column in particular and the body at all. Consult with only a certified chiropractor registered in the Israeli Chiropractic society.

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