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Philosophy, Science and treatment

The philosophical basis

Chiropractic philosophy claims that the body has a self-healing mechanism that regulates itself. It is the innate intelligence that passes through the brain and nervous system to all body and organ systems to the last cell. The main factor in the development of a condition of disease or dysfunction is the inability of the body to transmit information and adapt to its internal and/or external environment. The nervous system controls, regulates, and directly controls all body activities. The main idea, on which chiropractic is built on the body’s health, is based on the premise that the body’s inadequate functioning can be caused by interference in the media for the transition of neural messages and poor life. This is caused by stress, distortion , or pressure on the spinal cord, spinal nerve or external nerves due to stagnation and lack of vertebral movement or the copying of vertebrae from their position, and the violation of the proximity and alignment of the spinal column. This phenomenon is called a “ subluxation ” or “free translation” of “subliminal”.

Chiropractic Science

Chiropractic science deals with the close relationship between the spinal column and the nervous system, and the impact of this relationship on the functioning of the body and health. Chiropractic examines the role of this relationship to rehabilitate and restores health to the body and maintenance. A preliminary chiropractic reference focuses on normative and inintegrity of the structure or function of the spinal column. This condition is clinically known as subluxation. Sub-Hanaa has included any change in the biomechanical and physiological dynamics in the parts of the spinal column that borders each other, which can cause interference in the neural media.

Chiropractic Care

The surgical treatment is singular and unique to the chiropractic profession.
The chiropractic direction is an intentional and precise movement that sets the problematic link in motion with the intention to improve or correct an improper location, locking or stagnation of the vertebra. The aim of the precise direction technique is to improve the proximity and movement of joints that are close above and below the locked link, thereby reducing, correcting, and even removing the components that damage the functioning of the nervous system. This action is designed to resolve the subluxation.


It is a complex of functional and/or structural and/or pathological changes in joints that impair the integrity and integrity of the neural system and may affect the functioning of the body’s overall organ and health system.

The chiropractor is a PhD and is an expert in everything concerning anatomy, physiology and dynamics of the spinal column in particular and the body at all.
It is recommended to consult only with a certified chiropractor registered in the Israeli Chiropractic society.

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