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The board of directors association

Dr. Tzachi Cohen, DC.

President of Chiropractic Society

Graduated from the University of Macquarie, Sydney, Australia.
Previously served in a variety of positions in the management of the Israeli Chiropractic Association and currently serves as President of the Association in Israel.
is very active in promoting the implementation of chiropractic law in Israel.
Dr. Hirsch Omer, the Israeli Chiropractic Society

Dr. Omer Hirsch, BMS, DC, FIBFN-CND

Treasurer of the Israeli Chiropractic Society

Specializes in functional neurology, with sub-specialization in development disorders, FIBFN-CND (or in Hebrew, Amit/Expert on behalf of the International Council for Functional Neurology in children’s development disorders). I mainly treat children with developmental disorders-ADHD, autism, learning Disabilities, motor serbol, sensory regulation, etc., and people of all ages with difficulties such as weight loss disorders, chronic pain, degenerative processes and more.
Dr. Ramey the Israeli Chiropractic Society

Dr. Ramey Tuchinsky, DC.

ד״ר for Chiropractic

Dr. Ramey Tuchinsky, DC, combines advanced diagnostic techniques and tools with expertise in chiropractic techniques in order to facilitate common conditions such as neck pain, disc intrusions, spinal stenosis and Sitika. Her approach to treatment is to determine the root of the problem and to build a personal, focused and effective treatment plan.
Dr. Ramey handles families and listens to you, and with a thorough medical history and non-invasive diagnostic tools will help you become a healthier version of yourself.

Dr. Roy Serry-The Israeli Chiropractic Society

Dr. Roy Serry, MBA, DC, ICCSP

Director of continued studies

has an expert certificate in international sports Chiropractor (ICCSP) and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) .
Roy works in his private clinics in Netanya and Herzelya, and teaches in Europe and Israel the methods of Kineteand tiping and iastm for Rokatyip (Rocktape) .
Roy conducts the field of continued studies (continued Education) for the Israeli Chiropractic Society .

Dr. Guy Almog-The Israeli Chiropractic Society

Dr. Guy Almog, MSc. DC. Ccep

Head of Rehabilitation Chiropractic Assaf Harofeh Medical Center

He completed chiropractic studies at the Anglo-European Chiropractic School at the University of Portsmouth in 2001.
Headed the Dental Chiropractic Clinic at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center since 2004.
A shoulder-to-shoulder worker with a spinal cord unit at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center. specializes in the treatment and rehabilitation of the spinal column.

Dr. Pini Noimann, DC, FICA

Director of Ethics in the Israeli Chiropractic Society

Dr. Pini Neumann. Graduated from Life College of Chiropractic. Member of the Board of the International Chiropractic Association, USA (2005-2017). Committed to chiropractic principles, he is a lifelong member and honorary member of the International Chiropractic Organization, USA. Served as the Israeli Chiropractic Society (2009-2011). Manages the Avenue center in Herzliya and handles infants, children, pregnant women, athletes, victims of road accidents, age and third, and every person with a spinal column who is interested in health and a healthy lifestyle.

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