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Benefits in Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic does not treat a symptom or sickness. Chiropractic in correcting The main factors that bring about breaking and deterioration in the health of the body, those who violate the harmony and balance of the body.
The main factor is the name of the sealoxation.
Conventional medicine completely misses one of the most serious problems that harms the functioning of the body and causes suffering, sickness, and degeneration of the body.
This phenomenon is called a cerebrospinal conjugation.
Every day there are new studies that validate the immediate and long-term dangers of the sealoxation.
It prevents the body from functioning at its fullest potential and causes it to work in a compromise that is being restimulated and not allowed to cope with physical, chemical, and emotional pressures. This compromise leads to the weakness of the body, sickness, rapid old fatigue, and even death.

The Doctor of Chiropractic is the only expert who knows how to fix this serious problem that harms his body's functioning and vitality sometimes even without pain.

When the chiropractor removes the svaclation from the spine and the neural communications system expresses itself in 100, the internal healing ability (the physician inside the body) can go into action and bring the body to an optimal function. Studies tell us today that there is no disease machosant from the inner healing ability that exists within us (the nervous system, the immune system, and more).
Improvement in the body’s health in the areas described in this article document only some of the benefits we receive with the repair and removal of the soap. The existing information is collected from clinical documentation, studies, medical history and testimonies published in study books and magazines dealing with medicine, chiropractic and osteopathy. All these are evidence of the limitless healing capacity that exists in our body.

Please remember that this list is not complete and that new discoveries continue to cast light on the benefits

Brain, stress and psychological effects: increase blood flow to the brain, improve concentration, reduce anxiety, decrease nervousness, depression, fatigue, memory enhancement, better ability to kill muscles, sleep better, increase energy.
Nervous System: release from the nervous nerves, blockage, the damsel or the change of pathological reflexes, lowering tension in the maniis, improving blood flow to the nerves, balancing the nervous system, and the integrity of neural function.
Immune system: Improving and strengthening the immune system, improving neural communication to immune system organs such as pancreas, almonds, appendicitis and lymph nodes.
Neck and head: Relieves headaches and migraines, acute and chronic neck pain relief, a solution to neck problems after a car accident and Whiplash shot, pressure on the discs, you’ve recovered a ballet and a herniated disc, preserving the health of neck joints and disks, balancing neck build, decreases, and/or suppressing the process of removing the joints and disks.
Breathing and affecting the lungs:
Releasing tension from the lungs, improving respiratory function, improving respiratory ability and opening the lungs, improving problems such as bronchitis, allergies, sinusitis, colds, and pneumonia.
organs of reproduction (men): improved sexual dysfunction, increased energy, improved reproductive function including prustata, correcting problems such as inability to create semen (or ovule in women)
Cardiovascular: Neural supply is normal for heart and arteries, improving blood circulation, balancing and normalizing blood pressure.
Digestive and excretion system: improvement in food digestion and secretion, improvement in the functioning of the pharynx, gastric, colon, and the entire digestive system, relief from gastric ulcer, proper neural supply to liver and gallbladder, improved kidney function and bladder.
eyes and ears: enhancement of hearing, relief of vertigo, recovery of plows, improving eye and vision performance, improving the field of vision, recovery from blindness, help in strabismus andnystagmuseyes, improving neural flow and blood flow to the eyes and muscles of the eyes.
Lower Back and discs: Acute and chronic lower back pains (also whiplash whip acute or chronic), healthier discs, reducing pressure on disks, dreaming the disc from a ballet or hacking, preventing future back surgeries, boosting lumbar spine stability, increasing thigh stability, pelvis and spine, reducing erosion of joints and discs .
upper limbs: relief in blocking a trench canal (carpal TUNNEL syndrome), a solution for shoulder problems (FROZEN shoulder), elbows and hands, increasing the movements of the joints, increasing the flexibility of muscles.
lower limbs: motor balance of thighs, hips, ankle and feet, reducing the pressure of designers and joints, balancing and improving posture, relief from thesciaticaand pain of the legs, relief from pain in the hips, increasing movements in the joints, increasing the elasticity of the muscles.
genital Organs (women): improved reproductive function including ovaries, garden and uterus, increased energy, correcting infertility problems, enhancing gynecologic problems like menstrual cramps, swelling, PMS. More comfortable during pregnancy, reducing morning sickness, shortening the ropes of childbirth and easier childbirth, decreased symptoms after birth such as depression, heat waves, back pain and arthritis, nervousness, headaches and fatigue.
Hormonal effects: improved thyroid function, improved control of body weight, relief of symptoms arising from diabetes, downloading and insulin consumption.
the about the body’s build: Less pressure on the body in general, the joints are moving in alignment, the weight of the body is balanced, the balance is correct and balanced, more energy, muscles are working in a balanced way without hazardous tensions, painful points in the muscles are sore, increasing flexibility, balancing chemical, and the smallest creation of free radicals.
Joints Protection from neutron processes, abrasion and arthrotic, pressure release from joints bearing weight (thighs, thighs, legs, etc.), increasing movement ranges in joints, decreases and suppressing arthritis pains, lowering swelling in the joints, and recovering.
Sporting performance: Improved response time, boosting speed, increasing body durability in loads, improved performance, improving the feeling of positioning the body, improving cordiation.
Infants: after birth – improving and balancing the bones of the face and skull, correction of the rotation of the legs and pelvis, the imbalance of the pelvis, improving the infant’s ability to suck, and improvement of colic (colic) – An ongoing and unexplained cry of the baby, obstruction of the stomach (pyloric stenosis), constipation, fever, protection from death cradle, more restful sleep, patch of turticolis (strong contraction of neck muscles), improved neurological development, relief of seizure, a coup of muscular dystrophy (Muscular dystrophy)
Children Improving the functioning of the immune system and better resistance to disease, decrease and decrease in symptoms of cold, reducing or suppressing the intensity of childhood diseases, helping night bedwetting problems, swelling of almonds, downloading in the amount of ear infections and recovery faster, hearing enhancement, improving lung health and respiratory tract, relief In asthma, relieves concentration problems and learning difficulties, decreased hypertivity, neurological problems and muscular problems (NEUROMUSCULAR conditions), autism, cerebral palsy (Cerebral palsy), multiple sclerosis (MULTIPLE sclerosis), muscular dystrophy, normal and balanced bone growth, stable and balanced.

The chiropractor is a PhD and is an expert in everything concerning anatomy, physiology and dynamics of the spinal column in particular and the body at all.
Only consult with a certified chiropractor registered in the Israeli Chiropractic society.

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