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What does the chiropractor do?

What the chiropractor does is called a chiropractic Body balance. In the chiropractic centers in Israel, the chiropractic balancing or direction is specific and accurate and described as a push or a quick drive of the vertebra in hand or by special equipment. The purpose of the chiropractic direction is to rectify the Subluxation and remove the disturbance to the neural system in the body. This operation of the motor or unit drive (two connected vertebrae) does several things together:

  • Returns movement to the fixed or locked vertebrae.
  • Removes stress from the nerves.
  • Returns flexibility to the strips that link.
  • Improves muscle movement and flexibility.
  • Balances the tone of the muscles.
  • Stress removal allows normal neural communication between the brain and all parts of the body.
  • Restoring the body to optimal balance and health.

is the chiropractic direction painful?

No. Sensitivity and pain can be developed with the patient due to the neglect of the spinal column and the formation of neutron and chronic processes in the spinal column and tissues around it. The chiropractic direction feels wonderful. Children love it and people who receive this kind of treatment look forward to the next meeting. Patients always report the anticipation before treatment and feeling of calmness and relief. When you let the vertebrae in your spine get back into their right position, you will notice a lot less stress.

Is Chiropractic therapy safe?

Yes. Statistics prove that chiropractic treatments are the most confident of the world’s most health services. In order to check for safety, it is necessary to compare the premiums that are paid for medical malpractice insurance by chiropractors for those who are paid by physicians in the various medical professions. The Doctor of Chiropractic only pays a small fraction (roughly 1/20) of the amount paid by the conventional doctors in medical malpractice insurance. In the United States 250,000 people will die this year as a result of bad medicine. This is the main third cause of death in the United States of America. (The magazine of the American Medical Association, JAMA, VOL. .284, July, 26 2000). From the millions of people who receive chiropractic treatments, every year, only a few would submit a complaint.

Does the person who is in chiropractic have to do this all his life?

No. How much you choose to earn from chiropractic treatments entirely depends on you. Each of us is responsible for his own health and quality of life. Nevertheless, we warmly recommend our members to consider chiropractic as a healthy lifestyle and direction of chiropractic and body maintenance as a means of prevention. This is the long-term benefit from which you really enjoy patients. Physical exercise and proper nutritional habits are the decision of a lifestyle, as well as chiropractic treatments for maintaining body health and the nervous system that prevent us. We need to remain free from our entire lives.

Why do chiropractic treatments also have to go on when I don’t have any symptoms and I feel better?

When symptoms disappear, it does not mean that the workshop is completely revised. In Chiropractic we focus on the causes of the problem and not the symptoms that are the product of the sealoxation. Most problems take a long time to evolve. Conventional medicine keeps the patients in prescriptions and injections on the screen for pain while the cause continues to worsen. This is our opinion of mistaken approach. Most of the adult patients we saw in our clinic presented degeneration (abrasion) of the spinal column that took years to evolve. From birth trauma, plots, falls, accidents and other pressures during the course of life affect the health of the spinal column. The longer we wait for more time to test the spinal column by chiropractors, the more time it takes to repair the soap. However, how you choose to use chiropractic depends solely on you. From our experience we have learned that patients who are dealing with treatment when they “feel good” come back with the same challenging health problems that brought them to our first clinic, but this time they are worse. On the other hand, those who are willing to take care of their long-term health with chiropractic, find that their health problems are rarely solidification, if at all, and enjoy a high quality of life and optimal health.

The chiropractor is a PhD and is an expert in everything concerning anatomy, physiology and dynamics of the spinal column in particular and the body at all. Consult with only a certified chiropractor registered in the Israeli Chiropractic Society

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