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The Israeli Chiropractic Society is a professional organization that incorporating most of the chiropractors in Israel. The Society develops and establishes high professional standards, organizes professional activities and conferences, and worries that their members will provide the highest level of service to the public.

Chiropractic is a powerful and unique field in his approach to body health and the expression of life’s potential in each of us. Chiropractic from other health professions and the Chiropractic society operates in several planes to promote chiropractic science and to develop a sensible and vital approach to the health of the body. The Israeli Chiropractic Society has focused for many years to promote legislation and protection of the citizen in order to ensure freedom of choice in receiving the most effective and professional treatment. In March 2010, the Knesset passed a law in which the foundation was defined and the level of education and training required to engage in chiropractic in Israel. The chiropractor with seven years of training is a PhD and is the only one who is empowered to engage in Israel in this profession. It is important to note that chiropractic is not a treatment type, or a procedure. Chiropractic is a profession that requires training and skill and cannot have any healthcare professionals to engage in, unless trained as a doctor of chiropractic.

To protect the public, we recommend receiving treatment only by a certified chiropractor, member of the Israeli Chiropractic Society.

His influence on his body and vitality function is taking place of honor in being the second largest in the US healthcare system. Tens of millions of people use chiropractic to safeguard their health and millions of families in the US see a chiropractor. The best athletes in the world and selected in all areas of sports identify chiropractic abilities in balancing and maintaining the body under the load and improving athletic abilities. Discover how chiropractic can improve the quality of your life.

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